2012 – XTERRA 101 for Western NY

Posted: December 19, 2011 in XTERRA
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20111219-135842.jpgJust off of an Ironman season… I’m burned out, no motivation, just not feeling the 2012 season… I’ve said in the past, “if it isn’t fun, why do it!?!?”. A time to reflect, why do I do it? What motivates me? What is fun???
I live quite a distance from the mainstream XTERRA events, have put on events to bring it close… It was fun bringing XTERRA to people who had no idea what to expect and watching them have a great time but… I want to race!
2012 I will be planning some off road and XTERRA clinics, small stuff for focused attention. I will post on each one to share the info people are learning and their progress.
Swimming, transitions, Mtn biking, trail running, how to, training, practice, tips and tricks, workouts…



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