The new PERSON of Computrainer!

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RacerMate,  manufacturer of CompuTrainer—-world’s leading indoor bike trainer/ergometer—-is looking for an athlete who is desperate to improve his or her cycling performance in the next 12 months.
The “chosen” athlete will become a well-known face in the CompuTrainer marketing program for 2011 and will WIN a FREE CompuTrainer as well as a specifically designed 12 month program to help him/her boost his/her bike performance.  The program will be created and monitored by Coach Simon Ward—rated the top triathlon coach in the UK in 2009 by 220 Triathlon Magazine—is also the UK distributor of CompuTrainer.  The program will include weekly schedules with detailed content for each workout and an exclusive monthly Skype call with Simon to discuss progress and future training. ,
Only hardened masochists comfortable with social media such as Facebook and Twitter should apply
To enter, please e-mail outlining why you should be the “chosen one” in less than 100 words including a shipping address with your application.

Deadline for applications is midnight January 31, 2011


So a friend of mine asked me a few weeks ago about getting better in her run.  Great question!  Found this on…

More Miles!:

Running more mileage does more than just increase your performance for the long races. I found that my 5k times improved quite a bit when my weekly mileage climbed into the 40+ range. The long slow distance runs improve your muscle’s efficiency at burning the glycogen and fat stores and can help prolong the on-set of lactic acid build-up. Even if you’re goal race is a middle distance run, you can improve running performance by gradually increasing your mileage. Be conscious of your mileage increases and try not to increase your long run more than 2-3 miles over your previous week’s long run, and make sure that the total weekly increase doesn’t exceed 15-20%.


Hills are tremendous way to build leg strength and ultimately improve running performance. Look at hills like strength-training in disguise. Focus on running form and treat each hill as an interval. By running hills, your legs will are going through the running movements against gravity…which is more efficient and effective than stationary leg lifts and leg curls in a gym. Hill intervals are used by almost all of the world’s elite distance runners as a method to improve their efficiency, strength, and ultimately…their times. Find a good hill that’s 200-400 meters long with a decent upgrade slope. Start with 2-3 intervals based on your fitness level and increase by a repetition or two each week during the strength-building part of your training plan. Make sure that you get a good 1-2 mile warm-up and cool-down jog in before and after any hill interval training to prevent injuries.


Intervals are like a dress rehearsal for your race and they should be the foundation of your plan to improve running performance. Interval distance should vary based on your goal race. For example, ¼-mile intervals are good repetitions for a 5k race, while mile intervals are more suited for a marathon.Like the hill intervals, start with 2-4 repetitions and increase weekly. The interval portion of your training plan is the heart of the schedule and should take you to the taper period (2-3 weeks) prior to your goal race. The goal for your intervals should be 70-85% effort with sufficient rest between each repetition. The pace for your intervals should be slightly faster than your goal pace for your race. For example, if you want to run a 3:10 marathon (7:15 pace), your goal mile intervals should be run at a 6:30-6:45 pace; of if you want to run a sub-20 minute 5k (6:27 mile pace or 1:37 ¼-mile pace), try running your ¼-mile intervals around 1:20 – 1:30.

Strength & Cross Training:

Adding some calisthenics and cross-training to your routine can also improve running performance by strengthening the supporting cast muscles. Strong arms and abs may not win a race for you, but weak ones can help you lose it. The same goes for the muscles on the front of your leg – they may not be the prime movers in running, but they assist, and you’ll want all the assistance you can get when gunning for your PR! Add some basic exercises like squats, bike riding, elliptical, leg lifts, calf raises, toe curls, push ups, pull-ups, and crunches to your repertoire. It’ll be a nice change of pace from running and it’ll increase your performance level.
When you start trying to improve running performance, you’re going to want to cram as much in as you can in the shortest time possible…that’s natural. But if we try to streamline this process and reduce the rest or if we introduce too many hard workouts in a short-period of time, we will become more prone to injury and could set ourselves back many months. So please take the time needed to make gradual improvement and increases in stress – you’ll make out much better in the long run!

Vasa company logoWelcome to November!

How was your swim this last season? Feel you have room for improvement?

Now is the perfect time to work on technique and make adjustments if needed. Piling on the yards does not make you a faster or better swimmer. It does hurt your shoulders and puts the bad habits into the muscle memory.

Get a video of yourself swimming and take a look, you will be surprised at what you are or are not doing. This can be done on the pool deck on a bench or standing with stretch cords or use a swim bench like the Vasa Swim trainer or a Halo system. Get some video of yourself. If you have underwater video equipment it is best or video the dry land, you will be able to see your swim stroke and see where the inefficiencies are. It is one thing for someone to tell you where they see problems but quite the another when you see for yourself.

Once you have the correct technique for you to be the most hydrodynamic you can be, then it is time for distance base build. Long deliberate reach and roll of the body with an almost “catch-up” style freestyle stroke will gain you that desired speed while slowing your stroke turnover. You will be very surprised at the less energy exerted and the smooth flow your stroke now has. Less energy, lower heart rate, same if not just a bit faster for those 100’s… now build up the endurance and distance in the workouts.

Drills I use every time I get in the water:

  1. Fist – close your hands and swim. Some people use a tennis ball or other item to grasp to keep their hands clenched. Turns off the nerves in the palms so you can feel the water pressure in the forearms and up above the elbows. This high elbow, high elbow in the pull not the recovery, stroke gives you more surface area of your arms for catching that water and moving you forward. Use the big muscles in your Lats (Latissimus dorsi) for the main part of the pull. “Early Vertical Forearm” as Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen states and explains in the video.
  2. Catch up – Getting long and reaching for the wall. One hand out in front while the other takes a stroke. Once the stroke hand has “caught up” to the outreached hand, switch and take a stroke with the other arm keeping the other stretched out and waiting. Breathe on one side for this drill! This is the only time I like to see single sided breathing. 🙂 This “Catching Up” will get you to swim “front quadrant”. Take a look at the professional swimmers and how smooth they are. One arm is in recovery and ready to enter the water before the outreached hand begins its stroke.
  3. One arm – This is a tough one and takes a bit of practice. Keep one arm at your side while swimming with the other. Keep it long and glide! Breath only on the NON-STROKE side. This drill has you focus on the entire stroke of one arm as well as making you rotate! Think of an upright washing machine keeping the pivot point of your body at your spine. head down and in neutral position, just as if you were standing and walking (eyes at 90Deg from your spine), looking at the bottom of the pool. Use fins the first few times doing this drill to get the timing down.
  4. 6 kick switch – on your left side with left arm stretched out and your right arm on your side, all of your body pointing to the side of the pool. Not on your belly. Not on your back. On your side. Kick 6 or so times, take a stroke to your right side (the switch). 6 or so kicks on your right side with your right arm stretched out and left arm on your side…

Need a one-on-one to go over these items and get some underwater video? Contact me.

H2O Audio Getting bored with the monotony of laps during your high yardage workouts? Break it up with the same playlist you use on the treadmill. Water proof your music and listen while you swim! 20% discount for all M2Xtreme athletes!

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I have been to, even competed once, Ironman Lake Placid a few times.  There is something about the crowds and the venue that just draws you in, well any Ironman for that matter.  Over the last year I have met so many local Western NY people competing and just going to have fun, so for this trip to Lake Placid I’m excited to experience in a different fashion than before.

Lake Placid IM historically is known to alternate wet and chilly to dry  and HOT race weekends.  So far it is living up to this pattern… unfortunately it is the WET year.  However fending for myself and having so many party friends in the same boat, lets hope we don’t need a boat, I’m being optimistic and going for the great time away from reality and watching and cheering on almost 3000 of what I consider my triathlon family.  Once you have been to a few of these events you get to know a few other IM Nuts from around the world and it is awesome to see them again.

XTERRA Wetsuit sponsorship

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I have worked with XTERRA Wetsuits to get all of us an even bigger discount than their normal sale prices.
XTERRA WETSUITS would like to me to remind you of some important points regarding our sponsorship with them.

From time to time, they issue limited-time offers through banner ads, e-blasts, etc. The club pricing will always be equal to or better than these offers. It is extremely important to use our team code and nothing else! This will ensure that our team receives credit for purchases. For products, such as the Volt, that are already marked down on the website, you will not receive a discount beyond what is listed. Please always use our team code.


VORTEX 3 JOHN $129 (reg. $300)
VORTEX 3 FULL $179 (reg. $400)
VECTOR PRO X2 JOHN $199 (reg. $400)
VECTOR PRO X2 FULL $299 (reg. $595)
VENDETTA $500 (reg. $695)
VELOCITY ++ SPEEDSUIT $119 (reg. $350)
Don’t forget – the speedsuits will be illegal after September for ALL MDOT & USAT events.
Team Code: contact me

Please visit to make a purchase. Once on the site, you may select the product you wish to purchase. After you have selected your wetsuit, you will see your product(s) in your shopping cart. At “Step 1: Calculate Tax & Shipping” you will be asked for your COUPON CODE. This is where you enter your team code and hit APPLY COUPON. Your group discount will automatically appear under each product and you’ll be able to continue with your order.

If you have any customer service questions, please call 858.565.9500 or write to

Or let me know… :)
Greg Murnock

I had been eagerly waiting for the H2O Audio package to arrive, my email alerts me to “package has been delivered”! Off or the post box!
Opening the well packed box of the professionaly packaged items; Capture waterproof case with armband, extension belt, and waterproof earbuds, everything was tucked up very nice.
Opened everything up and poped in the nano, fit like a glove. Checked to make sure the seal was set correct as stated in the directions, closed the lid and locked it in. Highly suggest get a cool color nano as with the crystal clear case of the Capture it really is noticable with an almost “check me out” flair without being neon!
Before moving on I found to remove your Nano from the case, after opening it up, use your thumb nail on the bottom of your Nano to help pry/slide it up and off of the built in headphone jack.

First time in pool… I was skeptical about the ear bud style head phones, I have never been able to get a pair to work correctly while running. I tightened the extension belt and positioned the nano case at the small of my back and placed the earbuds in while dry as suggested. They sounded great but I was still on the edge of the pool… Jump in, submerge, and streamline… These things sound AWESOME!
First lap cruising with the tunes… Darn lost the left one. I stop and tuck the feed cord under my goggles and reposition the earbuds. I also tightened up the waist belt as I could feel the drag after a turn. Off again… No drag this time and I could not believe the sound quality. I think the hardest thing with this setup is NOT over doing your training. It is so easy to lose count of laps and work harder that you were planning on.
More once I get video of the swimmers I coach…
Feb 1st update!!!
Swim Stroke clinic I was able to video my swimmers and show them where their stroke was incorrect.
The next day I was able to have a little fun videoing our triathlon club indoor tri Most didnt know I was doing it and it gave them quite the scare. Fun to post those videos…
The Capture case by H2O Audio gives anyone the opportunity to have an underwater video camera with the Nano for quick technique check and playback and or just having fun. Very nice item to have for coaches and non coaches!

New Year – new attitude

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Initiation into life!

The second half of 2009 has been… well… lets just say this is the time for the RESET button to be pushed. Time to discover who I am, what I want others to know me as, what I want to do with my life.
New web sites, new coaching, MORE FUN, bigger risks, better community involvement, and show my kids you can be happy and have fun.
2010 is going to be a new way of life, “Let’s get this party started”.

Washing away the old