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WNY XTERRA – Score This!!!

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Triathlon

Getting caught up in so many things you forget about blogs…  

Inagural XTERRA – ASP and ASP EPIC were a great success bringing a very high number of road triathletes in the area to a course, while not tough by my off road standards, very difficult physically!  

Date for next event: September 27, 2014

Registration is open!


20111219-135842.jpgJust off of an Ironman season… I’m burned out, no motivation, just not feeling the 2012 season… I’ve said in the past, “if it isn’t fun, why do it!?!?”. A time to reflect, why do I do it? What motivates me? What is fun???
I live quite a distance from the mainstream XTERRA events, have put on events to bring it close… It was fun bringing XTERRA to people who had no idea what to expect and watching them have a great time but… I want to race!
2012 I will be planning some off road and XTERRA clinics, small stuff for focused attention. I will post on each one to share the info people are learning and their progress.
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Posted: February 5, 2009 in Triathlon
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What is it with you and XTERRA?

I get asked this question A LOT.  Talking triathlon, off-road specifically.  Ask me about XTERRA and my eyes get big, a little grin forms, I get a little gitty and dazed as memories of the old Moab Steelbender XTERRA, Arizona Extreme XTERRA , and XTERRA  Buffalo Creek blur my vision.

I was once a competitive mountain biker (late 80s early 90s).  The feeling of freedom, being deep in the woods on an unknown dirt trail, skip work on Friday to ride ALL weekend in the Colorado Mountains.  Nothing like the pain of multiple days of epic rides on your body while trying to work on Monday morning.  One evening after a terrible race my wife  is trying to get my mind off of the crumpled heap of my once beautiful “mountain steed”.  “I just entered you into a sprint triathlon, you have already been cross training and you can swim.  It is this Sat.” 🙂

I did the race, had a blast, and kept my mind out of the back country dirt.  I did get the mountain bike back into working shape but it was collecting dust.  Why ride my mountain bike when I’m a triathlete?  I was not really competitive, just having fun and going thru the motions.  9 years of triathlon training and “participation”…  Training became a pain, attitude was “ho hum”, no drive to do it anymore; I have to go and get a run in, I have to get a long bike ride in… whatever. 

A training friend of mine calls and says, “dust off the mountain bike and come do this race”.  An XTERRA off-road triathlon.  What the hell is that?  A little research, DVD of a race, few write-ups in Triathlete Mag.  All of a sudden training wasn’t a chore.  No more thinking, “I have to get a run in” or “I have to get a long ride in”.  I couldn’t wait to get on my mountain bike or run a trail I had never been on.  Lunch time swimming even became fun again.

My first experience with XTERRA was Keystone, Central region championships, what a race.  Aug water temp was 52, sunny day with mountain temp in the 70s, what an awesome experience.  Beer, Brats, and Burgers for the after party?  Sweet!  I swore I would never do another road tri again.  This of course was before remembering I had already entered the Boulder Peak tri.  😦 

I went ahead and participated in the Boulder Peak tri but the race was some how different.  The bike was easier, the run was easier, wow, I set a new Personal Record for the course by 30min!  What changed?  New outlook  on many things.  Training was FUN again which made me push harder and made me stronger.  Better bike handling skills due to mountain biking.  My run ability was improved from the rocks, roots, and terrain change I had become accustomed to.  Bottom line… it was FUN.

Couple years later and we move to an area that has limited off-road opportunities.  No XTERRA in my back yard.  Very few trails as everything is “Private Property No Trespassing!”  People here are missing out.  You love it, why not share it. 

I coach, event direct, help out, give info, speak about, teach, do anything I can for anyone who has an interest in triathlon but always try to get them to experience multisport XTERRA style.